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Hamper - Wine before Cheese

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The “piece de resistance” to your sustainable kitchen presents a set with a Himalayan Pine Needle bio-base that is durable-reusable, and ultimately bio-degradable. Now, delight yourself with Italian panache wine cups to hold your beverages and edgy bowls for your snacks.

- A village worker's hands have picked up each visible pine needle fibre deep in the Himalayan jungles. Its presence in the product's material means a potential forest fire was averted somewhere.
- With a gorgeous Teal & pink ensemble’, your soirees will surely be colourful. If someone drops them, they won’t shatter!
- Finally, you can control the end-of-life option for these products. This means you can safely bury it in your garden soil, and these products will return to nature within a few years, whereas plastic would stay for a thousand years or more.
- These products are microwave-safe and tested for USFDA standards, LFGB & ISO codes.
- Each set contains a pack of 2 pink & teal wine glasses (volume 150 ml) and four pink & teal desert bowls (Fill Volume 150 ml).
- With your responsible purchase, you avert 5985 grams of carbon and contribute to saving beautiful Himalayan flora.

- Now mix and match your colour and design. Write your design preference while placing your order.

- Contact us for specific customizations on +91 89040 79513

- Blotches and streaks are commonly visible on the surface and are a proud testimony to the natural origins of these products.

Hamper box as-is for Bangalore delivery. Out-of-station delivery in retail pack.

Product information

  • Has a good grip while sipping tea, coffee, milk, soup, other beverages, etc.
  • Ideal Gift For Special Occasions: Perfect to give someone something meaningful that they will cherish forever and smile when they look at it and remember! Best Gift For Office, Father, Brother, Sister, Kids, Children For Birthday Return Gift, Birthday Gift, Birthday Party Gift, Family, Friends, Mother, Diwali Gift Items, Valentine Day Gift, Gifts For Girlfriend, Boyfriend Love, Husband and For Loved Ones.
  • Start your morning with your favorite cup of tea/coffee, If you are looking for the best and unique tea cups set for your Coffee, Evening tea, Bed tea, Black tea, Green tea then these cups are the best option for you.


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Do You Have Questions?

We have answers (well, most of the time)

Q. Is this product made from wood or plant origin material?

Yes, this product is made from cellulose of plant origin material.

Q. Why is it shiny like plastic?

Pine Needles contain wax like compounds that leave a waxy shine on the surface.

Q. How long will it last?

The product is long lasting if it is washed and wiped dry after use and one can expect it to start developing age marks or cracks after 1-2 years of usage. It is recommended not to use rough materials to scrub the products.

Q. Are there any do’s and don'ts to using the product?

Do not subject the product to high heat or hot water for more than ten minutes. Wash and wipe dry.

Q. Is this really unbreakable?

The product is extremely durable and not likely to break unless placed under massive and sudden pressure such as standing on it or using it in ways that are not meant for kitchenware.

Q. What will the product feel like?

The product is lightweight and fill feel like shiny wood.

Q. What does this product consist of?

This product consists of Pine Needle Cellulose.

Q. Why is it made of pine needles?

It is troublesome biomass & an outlet needs to be created for evacuating these needles from the Himalayas. The Pinus Roxburghii, from which the pine needles shed are fast growing, require less water & spoil their surrounding by preventing growth.

Q. Why pine needles?

Baby animals & plants lose their lives, silent micro eco - systems are destroyed in the forest fires caused by Pine Needles. Soil loses its water holding capacity & massive emissions are generated which hastens the next fire due to Serotiny process.

Q. Why not bamboo?

Bamboo is a crop which is edible and fit for human consumption. By taking away Bamboo from a community that is used to consuming it for their food and other purposes, we might be depriving them what is commonly known as crop diversion.