Ques1. What are the products made of? What is the material used?

Ans1. The products are made using authentic Himalayan pine needles as the bio base.

Apart from the pine needles we use agro based polymers to keep these pine needles to stick together to give our products durability and strength.

All of our products are sustainably sourced.


Ques2. Are your products strong given that they are made from pine needles?

 Ans2. Yes, they are sturdy enough to be reused multiple times.


Ques3. Where are these products manufactured?

Ans3. The manufacturing units are located in Baroda, Ahmedabad and Mysore. Soon our manufacturing units will be in house and be shifted to Bangalore as most of our operations are run from Banaswadi, Kalyan Nagar in Bangalore.


Ques4. Where is the Agro Composites office located?

 Ans4. Our offices are located in Delhi and Bangalore. In Delhi, our office is located in Model Town.

In Bangalore, our office and warehouse are located in Banaswadi Kalyan Nagar.


Ques5. How many products do you have? What is the range of products that Agro Composites offers?

Ans5. We offer up to 61 products on our website and are planning to extend our SKU’s as much as possible, with opportunities enabling us to diversify.

The products are tableware, décor and oral hygiene. They are primarily categorized as:

  1. Sustainable
  2. Anti Microbial
  3. Anti Viral
  4. Compostable 


Ques6. What is the Sustainable category of products and which products does it include?

Ans6. The sustainable product category includes a wide range of products made from authentic Himalayan pine needles. The products are BPA Free, Anti Viral, Anti Microbial, Dishwasher Safe, Microwave/ Oven Safe, Food Safe.

All of our products fall under the sustainable category which are further divided into sub categories as

  1. Anti Microbial
  2. Anti Viral
  3. Compostable

The product range is as follows

  1. Nuts and Nibbles Bowl – Sustainable 1
  2. Nuts and Nibbles Bowl – Sustainable 2
  3. Nuts and Nibbles Bowl – Sustainable 3
  4. Nuts and Nibbles Bowl – Sustainable 4
  5. Nuts and Nibbles Bowl – Sustainable 5
  6. Nuts and Nibbles Bowl – Sustainable 6
  7. Nuts and Nibbles Bowl – Sustainable 7
  8. Nuts and Nibbles Bowl – Sustainable 8
  9. Nuts and Nibbles Bowl – Sustainable 9
  10. Nuts and Nibbles Bowl – Anti Viral
  11. Nuts and Nibbles Bowl – Original
  12. Pine Breakfast Plate – Sustainable
  13. Pine Breakfast Plate – Anti Microbial
  14. Pine Breakfast Plate – Anti Viral
  15. Pine Breakfast Plate – Soil Degradable
  16. Pine Snack Plate – Sustainable
  17. Pine Snack Plate – Anti Microbial
  18. Pine Snack Plate – Anti Viral
  19. Pine Coffee Mug – Sustainable
  20. Pine Coffee Mug – Sustainable ( Tribal )
  21. Pine Coffee Mug – Sustainable ( Mountain )
  22. Pine Coffee Mug – Sustainable ( Life )
  23. Pine Coffee Mug – Anti Microbial
  24. Pine Coffee Mug – Anti Microbial ( Tribal )
  25. Pine Coffee Mug – Anti Microbial ( Mountain )
  26. Pine Coffee Mug – Anti Microbial ( Life )
  27. Pine Coffee Mug – Anti Viral
  28. Pine Coffee Mug – Anti Viral ( Tribal )
  29. Pine Coffee Mug – Anti Viral ( Mountain )
  30. Pine Coffee Mug – Anti Viral ( Life)
  31. Pine Chai Cup – Sustainable
  32. Salad Bowl – Sustainable
  33. Salad Bowl – Anti Microbial
  34. Sipper Cups – Anti Viral
  35. Wine Glass – Anti Microbial
  36. Wine Glass – Soil Degradable
  37. Extended Shelf Life Containers
  38. Pine Needle Tooth Brush – Soil degradable
  39. Pine Needle Tooth Brush – Water Degradable
  40. Sustainable Food Tray – Anti Microbial
  41. Coasters – Anti Viral
  42. Pine Needle Mobile Stand – Soil Degradable
  43. Pine Drinking Glass
  44. The Vineyard – Combo
  45. A Classic Brunch – Combo
  46. Wine in Pine – Combo
  47. Mountain Therapy – Combo
  48. Coffee with your Tribe – Combo
  49. Pinetastic Dinner and More – Combo
  50. Wellness at Breakfast – Combo
  51. A Wellness Retreat – Combo
  52. Wellness Office Companion – Combo
  53. The Family Dinner – Combo
  54. A Sustainable High Tea – Combo
  55. The Sustainable Coffee Affair – Combo
  56. A Christmas Pudding – Combo
  57. The Snack Mania – Combo
  58. The Desert Pack – Combo
  59. The Sleepover


Ques7. What is the antimicrobial range and what are the products?

Ans7. Antimicrobial range of products include tableware that are antimicrobial and resist all kinds of pathogens like bacteria and fungi lab tested for an effective kill rate of 99.3%.

The products in this category are as follows:

Salad Bowl – Anti Microbial

Pine Breakfast Plate – Anti Microbial

 Pine Snack Plate – Anti Microbial

Sustainable Food Tray – Anti Microbial

Wine Glass – Anti Microbial

Pine Coffee Mug – Anti Microbial

Pine Coffee Mug – Anti Microbial ( Tribal )

Pine Coffee Mug – Anti Microbial ( Mountain )

Pine Coffee Mug – Anti Microbial ( Life )

A Wellness Retreat

Wellness at Breakfast

Pinetastic Dinner and more

The Family Dinner


Ques8. What does the Anti Viral range offer?

Ans8. The Anti Viral range of products offers lifelong non coated antiviral tableware. It includes the following products.

Coasters – Anti Viral

Nuts and Nibbles Bowl – Anti Viral

Pine Drinking Glass

Extended Shelf Life Containers

Sipper Cups – Anti Viral

Pine Breakfast Plate – Anti Viral

Pine Snack Plate – Anti Viral

Pine Coffee Mug – Anti Viral

Pine Coffee Mug – Anti Viral ( Tribal )

Pine Coffee Mug – Anti Viral ( Mountain )

Pine Coffee Mug – Anti Viral ( Life)

A Sustainable Coffee Affair

A Sustainable High Tea

A Wellness Retreat

Pinetastic Dinner and more

Mountain Therapy

Classic Brunch

The Vineyard

Office Wellness Companion

Coffee with your Tribe

Wine in Pine


Ques9. What products do you offer in the compostable category?

Ans9. The compostable category comprises products that are soil degradable and convert back to nature once immersed in soil.

Wine Glass – Soil Degradable

Pine Breakfast Plate – Soil Degradable

Pine Needle Mobile Stand – Soil Degradable

Pine Needle Tooth Brush – Soil Degradable

Pine Needle Tooth Brush – Water Degradable


Ques10. Are the products reusable or disposable? Estimated life span?

Ans10. Agro Composites has created sustainable products that are sustainable, durable and Reusable.

The products are designed keeping the Indian market in mind and are a perfect replacement to plastic. They offer the same strength, durability and lifespan that plastic as a material offers.

The estimated life span varies with usage, wear and tear, but is estimated to be 2-3 years from the date of purchase.


Ques11. Where can one see the products and its features?

Ans11. The products are showcased on our website, partner portals and our social media handles on  Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn that go with the same name AgroComposites.


Ques12. Where can the products be bought from?

Ans12. The products can be bought from the following platforms:

  1. Website- agrocomposites.com
  1. Partner portals like LBB, Propshop24, Obp, Mygate.in, Eartherkart, Flourish, Amazon and more to come.


Ques13.To which states of India the product can be delivered to?

Ans13. The products can be delivered all across India with the restrictions.


Ques14.Is there a shipping charge?

Ans14. Yes there is a shipping charge of flat 100/- irrespective of the number of products selected.


Ques15. How much time does it take for the product ordered to be delivered?

Ans15. The product ordered on the website is processed the same day if ordered before 11 am otherwise gets rolled over to the next day. Once dispatched it takes 3-4 for the product to be delivered.


Ques16. Do you provide express delivery? Are there any additional charges?

Ans16. Even in the case of express, our delivery partner takes a minimum of 3 days for the product to reach. In conversation with an alternate delivery partner and would be able to make delivery of products a faster process.


Ques17. What all modes of payment are available on the website for ordering products?

Ans17. We provide various modes of payment via our website payment gateways which are:

  1. Credit Cards
  2. Debit Cards
  3. Net banking
  4. UPI

We currently don’t accept international cards for processing payments.


Ques18. How are the products priced?

Ans18. The prices are kept nominal keeping in mind the Indian consumer market and compared to other products of the same category.


Ques19. Do you sell singles or packs?

Ans19. All of our products except the compostable mobile stand that come in a single unit are offered in pairs or packs and combos as well.


Ques20. Are these products fit for consumption of food?

Ans20. The products are designed to be food safe as per LFGB and USFDA standards.


Ques21. Are these tableware microwave and freezer friendly? Can your products be used in OTG or oven?

Ans21. Yes our Tableware is absolutely freezer friendly and our products are microwaving safe! Do check out our bowl cake recipe by Chef Kirti Bhoutika made in an Agro Composites ® Nibbles Bowl.


Ques22. Can your products be used in a dishwasher?

Ans22. Absolutely our products are dishwasher safe.


Ques23. Do you take bulk orders? Do you provide any discounts to bulk orders? What is the MOQ?

Ans23. Yes we take bulk orders and can be discussed using contact information given on our website and IG handle.

Website: wwww.agrocomposites.com Ig handle: Agrocomposites

Yes we do provide discounted rates and MOQ is 500.


Ques24.Do you provide custom print and label options?

Ans24. Yes we offer product as a service and off customized print and label options for a minimal charge.


Ques25. Do you make sustainable products on order using the same raw material?

Ans25. We welcome all opportunities of exploring different options or product categories using our manufacturing process.

Any queries can be mailed to office@vasshin.com.


Ques26. Can I receive a brochure or a catalogue for your range of products?

Ans26. Certainly, can be shared both on email and WhatsApp.


Ques27. Do you accept corporate gifting or bulk orders?

Ans27. Yes, indeed. We do undertake bulk orders and corporate gifting. Kindly share with us your number where we could connect to discuss further.


Ques28. Can I find your products on Amazon or any other site?

Ans28. You could shop on LBB, Propshop24, Obp, Mygate.in, Eartherkart, Flourish, Amazon, we will have our presence on other major sites shortly. Meanwhile, you could shop on www.Agrocomposites.com for the best deals, direct from the company.


Ques29. Are your products really plastic-free?

Ans29. We manufacture a range of products which are both biodegradable and sustainable.


Ques30. How long does it take your products to degrade naturally?

Ans30. Our products are sustainable; however, they abide by the law of plastic displacement. We are in the process of collecting and creating a circular economy where we take the responsibility of the products to recycle and create new ones.


Ques31. What is the material of bristles used in the Toothbrushes? Do they also convert back into soil?

Ans31. The bristles used are agro based and also decompose though at a slower rate than the toothbrush handle.


Ques32. Do you manufacture the bristles as well? Where are they sourced from?

Ans32. We manufacture the toothbrush handles and procure our bristles from Du Pont which is a world leader in filaments. We use the Hurex range of bristles they provide us which are bio-based, even though they are also a variant of Nylon.


Ques33. Do you use charcoal bristles in toothbrushes? What is the material used?

Ans33. Charcoal bristles are Chinese imports that use chemical grade nylon. While it is a current favorite, we are continuing our purchases from Du Pont which is a world leader in filaments. The Hurex ranges of bristles they provide us are bio-based even though they are also nylon.

This overall causes less stress to the Earth as the bristles at least are of a bio-based origin.


Ques34. How can your claim about the compostable products be tested or verified?

Ans34. The degradable nature of our compostable products such as our Mobile stand and toothbrushes can be verified using DCM which is a solution used by government authorities to verify the degradable nature of a bio-based product.

Should any testing be required, DCM or Dichloromethane is readily available at any Industrial Reagent seller.


Ques35. What happens to the Toothbrushes if immersed in DCM?

Ans35. The handle entirely degrades in DCM which is a solution used by government authorities to verify the degradable nature of a bio-based product. Should any testing be required, DCM or Dichloromethane is readily available at any Industrial Reagent seller and the handles can be dipped to verify the claim that the handle’s bio-base is made from Himalayan pine needles.


Ques36. Do you entertain Collaborations and internships?

Ans36. We are welcome to new talent and new partnerships, and you could write to us at office@vasshin.com for collaboration opportunities and internships.

Kindly do mention Collaboration or Internship in the subject line.


Ques37. Do you have any brick and mortar / physical stores?

Ans37. We currently operate through our website and market on our social media platforms to reach out to our audience.


Ques38. Do you have any franchises?

Ans38. Very soon we’ll have our own franchises in all metro cities.


Ques39. Could you tell us more about your Antiviral products & Certification? Or  Could you list some of your certifications for the Wellness range of products?

Ans39. Our wellness range of products for e.g. anti-microbial salad/serving bowls, food/kitchen containers, ice cream bowls and spoons, drinking glasses, coasters, plates, coffee mugs which are again durable and laboratory tested by Euro Fins Laboratories to EU 10/2011 & German LFGB standards apart from being BPA free, JIS 2801, ISO 22196 & US FDA 21 CFR tested. These resist according to their use case, bacteria, mold & fungus for a reduction rate of 99.3% and viruses for a reduction rate of 99.84%.


Ques40. How does your antimicrobial and antiviral range of products help? Do they need any extra maintenance?

Ans40. While these products are not a replacement for sanitizers or the like, their use might help one to break the chain of transmission, be it a regular cold or a potent pathogen. This is a non-coated range of products that does not require maintenance with every wash and their antimicrobial properties exist for life of the product in question. These ranges of products are visually easy to distinguish across the length of say a dining hall as they have a distinct rust color with a yellow-white pine fiber pattern.


Ques41. What does Agro Composites do?

Ans41. We hand pick Pine Needles in Himalayan forests and use this bio-base to manufacture a range of molded products ranging from tableware to hygiene products. Pine needles contain volatile compounds and are inflammable. Given sufficient deposition, these pine needles lead to conflagrations that destroy charismatic flora, micro eco-systems, soil water holding capacity apart from generating massive carbon emissions and forest litter.


Ques42. Why does Agro Composites use pine needles as a raw material to manufacture their range of products?

Ans42. Why we do it - We are on a mission to stamp out forest fires. By targeted hand picking, we are able to maximize prevention of forest fires per hectare, pine needles being one of the leading cause of forest fires, and hence preserve precious flora and fauna.


Ques43. Where does Agro Composites procure their pine needles from?

Ans43. We collect our pine needles in the North of India through our tribal welfare program and manufacture in South and West of India.


Ques44. During what time period are these pine needles procured?

Ans44. Launched in 2020, we lift pine needles based on Pine tree’s shedding cycle and in conjunction with

Government forest departments. Notable months are April through to July.


Ques45. What is the process used by Agro Composites to convert pine needles to their range of products?

Ans45. We use organic and inorganic fillers to stabilize pine needles for appropriate mechanical strength and usage. Pine trees are known for their antimicrobial characteristics. We utilize pine needles to also manufacture anti-microbial product matrices in line with our Intellectual Property.


Ques46. What does Agro Composites focus on?

Ans46. Our focus for product manufacture is to achieve the maximum amount of carbon capture per product with varied use case. For e.g. our Coffee Mugs, Chai Cups are durable, washable, and recyclable whereas our toothbrushes that ought to be replaced every three months are designed to degrade within 90 days in your home compost.


Ques47. How does Agro Composites help in Multi-Fold Carbon Capture?

Ans47. We tabulate carbon capture per product basis IPCC standards and some of our products like coffee mugs come printed with the amount of grammage captured. Gram for gram, pine needle biomass renders a multi-fold amount of carbon emissions capture compared with any others biomass.


Ques48. How does Agro Composites lead social impact and inclusion?

Ans48. As hand picking of high altitude pine needles takes our tribal-rural participants and fire watchers several man days worth of trekking, we are able to specify corresponding social impact per product batch manufactured. We pay above baseline wages to Bottom of Pyramid classes to ensure there is a viable and successive economy as our environmental goal.


Ques49. What is Agro Composites contribution to Environmental Justice & Values?

Ans49. We have started this year programs where we encourage our fellow humans to hand pick these pine needles themselves which are then shipped to our plant for transforming into specifically chosen products. This enables not only personalization but a distinct engendering of sensitivity towards our ecology.

Abhinav Talwar

CEO at Vasshin Composites

Co-Founder & CEO & Innovation in Industrial Raw Materials(Steel, Fertilizer & Polymers); Policy advocacy for climate change; Government Relations

Co-Founder & CSMO

Bhoomi Thakkar

Co-Founder & CSMO - Social Media & PR Specialization; Sustainability Advocacy, ORM, Brand Custodian.

Director- ESG and Alliances

Raj Kumar Jani

Diverse social enterprises & start-ups in Innovative Irrigation (Water), Urban Forestry, Farm based Value Chains & Rural Livelihoods sectors


Narayanan Menon

Global Plastics Industry Peer, Injection Moulding Guru

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Ayushi Verma

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