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  • The mugs are made Nespresso style and with a Himalayan pine needle bio-base, they have a textured feel and have qualities unlike any other. For starters, the product does not acquire a food smell over time which is not the case with plastic. With a lightweight yet durable construction, you can drop the mug but it will not break, unlike ceramic. With a unique material technology, the mug resists heat transfer. This means your hands can hold a hot beverage and won't burn whereas your beverage will stay warm.
  • Each visible pine needle fiber has been picked up by a village worker's hands, deep in the Himalayan jungles and its presence in your mug’s material means that somewhere a potential forest fire was averted.
  • Finally, you can control the end-of-life option for your own mugs. This means you can safely bury it in your garden soil and these mugs will return to nature within a few years whereas plastic would stay for a thousand years.
  • These beautiful mugs come in a pack of 2 and have a 275ml fill size and a 325ml full size.

Customer Reviews

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A wonderful surprise!! Expectation delivered!! the most prettiest mugs🤩

I love it. These mugs will serve me tea, coffee, hibiscus tea, white tea et al!!! Continue to maintain the quality and standard of the mugs. A value for money!!

Beautiful set of Mugs

Mugs are great for daily use, bring glam look to the kitchen and true value for money

These are super. I have my tea only in these cups

These are super good. I enjoy having my tea only in these cups.Its the right weight balance and are quite sturdy

Quality product

I bought this product after going through multiple cups...the product reviews are true ...the cups haven't lost their cosmetic appearance after 2 months of daily use....recommend for future buyers

Amazing product

I loved it felt like having coffee in College Mess.. thanks