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  • Did you ever see a toothbrush that gives you the functionality of a plastic toothbrush, yet when you put it in your garden, it returns to nature with time? Well, wait no more. Agro Composites brings to you its revolutionary toothbrush.
  • Deeper Bristles for a fuller brushing experience, a beautiful body that enables easy gripping, and is non-toxic; this brush has everything an earth-loving person could ask for!
  • BPA Free, ISO and IS certified, conforming to the highest material standards possible, this toothbrush is unlike none other.
  • The product’s bio-based consists of Authentic Himalayan Pine needles and every product assists in saving the Himalayas from forest fire incidents.
  • With each purchase, you can stop up to 30 grams of plastic from entering landfills.
  • This product will start degrading upon contact with water and is recommended for single use.
  • As per IPCC guidelines, each purchase accounts for your reducing total Carbon Dioxide emissions by 1345 grams and the product is a result of natural processes hence the colors may vary slightly.
  • These brushes are water degradable.

Customer Reviews

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Christian Juarez
Love these

These are honestly great. They last so much longer than regular pastic toothbrushes and are all natural. Better for the environment, better for the family! I need to buy some more but we love them.

Jessica Gisburne
good brush

good brush

easy to hold

Great product for toddlers who will chew up their toothbrushes anyways, better than plastics.

Diana Ortiz Poveda
Perfect for my toddler

I love the simple look of these toothbrushes, which is a bonus to them also working well. I wouldn't say that they are soft, but I honestly didn't want very soft bristles because a toddler's teeth are difficult to enough to brush already. With stuff bristles, at least I feel like they are cleaning better when being gentle as opposed to a soft bristle just skimming over stuck on food and plaque. The tip is small enough for his mouth. I love it and so does my toddler.


Very durable