Jewellery Mug - Grey

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  • The mugs are made Nespresso style and with a Himalayan pine needle bio-base, they have a textured feel and have qualities unlike any other. For starters, the product does not acquire a food smell over time which is not the case with plastic. With a lightweight yet durable construction, you can drop the mug but it will not break, unlike ceramic. With a unique material technology, the mug resists heat transfer. This means your hands can hold a hot beverage and won't burn whereas your beverage will stay warm.
  • Each visible pine needle fiber has been picked up by a village worker's hands, deep in the Himalayan jungles and its presence in your mug’s material means that somewhere a potential forest fire was averted.
  • Finally, you can control the end-of-life option for your own mugs. This means you can safely bury it in your garden soil and these mugs will return to nature within a few years whereas plastic would stay for a thousand years.
  • These beautiful mugs come in a pack of 2 and they have a 275ml fill size and a 325ml full size.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful mugs.

Superb mugs,lovely colour.

Sumati Athotra
Must buy!!!

Excellent Product!! Beautiful colours but one thing is the colour is slightly coming off not a huge deal since its mostly on the outer covering so it doesn't mix w your beverage.

Fairly priced. Definetly worth the benefits

Truly amazin

Divya Shetty
Well made

Good finish, fun to use. Better than many cheaper options.

Good Tea cups for frie day use

Neat packed and delivered . Nice colors received and well finished design.